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Datactor Informatics

Datactor Informatics provides technology-enabled solutions and expert services.

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Intellectual Property Rights

We offer a complete range of Patent and IPR services personalized according to the specific needs of corporates, law firms, Universities, SMEs, individual inventors and research scientists..

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Literature Curation

Datactor Informatics Private Limited provide chemo informatics and bioinformatics services. We transform Unstructured data into easily accessible and user friendly Structured Data..

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Datactor Informatics draws on years of experience and in-depth editorial expertise to deliver end-to-end eBook creation and conversion services, engineered to maximize the value of your content..

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Health Care

Datactor Informatics is a leading services provider of Revenue Cycle Management process and Analytics Solutions in the healthcare industry.

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Datactor’s Vision

Datactor Informatics is an information, publishing, intellectual property and health care related services provider offering its best-in-class services to leading research and development organizations, scientific, technical and medicinal (STM) publishers and health care professionals globally.
Established on mid of January 2018 […]

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