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Intellectual Property Rights




We at Datactor Informatics assist our clients in taking the right decisions in the field of Patent, Technology and Market Research Support Services. Our aim is to formulate the strategy in Patent Prosecution, Research & Development and help in discovering new product. We tune for changing or making in new defensive or offensive patent strategies, acquisition of competitors and technology valuations.

Our Regulatory Principles

The following principles guide our talented team of dedicated and committed professionals (patent agents, patent specialists, database services specialists, software development specialists, quality assurance specialists and support staff) to deliver extraordinary customer service to our clients.

  • Help our clients manage their intellectual property related challenges.
  • Provide cost-effective solutions of the highest quality to our clients.
  • Have exciting work with our clients.

Our clients use our solutions to:

  • Reduce risks, costs and inefficiencies by streamlining operations.
  • Improve top-line with effective patent portfolio management.
  • Gain and maintain market leadership through Competitive Analysis.