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Prior-Art Search

Prior-Art Search

  • Search to determine whether any prior art patents or other publications exist that would bar issuance of a valid patent
  • Data sources include patent and non-patent literature
  • Information for search is derived from proposed draft patent application
  • Results are used to draft claims that avoid the prior art and to focus the application on the novel and non-obvious features of the invention

Datactor Informatics provides our customers cost-effective prior-art search by leveraging best practices and our domain expertise

Datactor Informatics prior-art search covers patent and non-patent databases. Our reports are customizable in detail and can include one or more of the following:

The complete search record (strategy and hits)

A table with relevant portions of the short listed references highlighted for client/attorney review

A chart showing the extent to which features of the current invention are disclosed (undisclosed/partially disclosed/fully disclosed) in the shortlisted prior-art references

We also provide a “key feature” which can be converted into claims (the key features will be derived from the invention disclosure/input received from the client)

The short list of references ranked in order of relevance.